How We DevGAMMed

At one of the major Ukrainian game development conferences - DevGAMM Kyiv - Room 8 Studio was in the middle of action. 200 speakers, numerous business meetings, a crowd of attendees meeting old and new friends - this was a conference to remember!

A part from Dmitry Koval's lecture

An attentive audience welcomed our speaker Dmitry Koval, 3D Art Director at Room 8 Studio, whose work was one of the best at GDC 2017, and who was leading projects Wild Star for NCSoft, Archangel for Skydance and Planet of Heroes for, and many others to be revealed in the future! He has accumulated his experience in 3D Art Production as well as Room 8’s approaches, techniques and principles in his session on design of shapes. The knowledge and his shared lifehacks have proved to be useful even for the most experienced digital artists. Some time ago Dmitry delivered an internal workshop on the same topic at Room 8, where he delivered even more insights to the team members before the show.

The team also attended a game design workshop, where they had a chance to learn and participate in a competition. First, attendees learned the differences between game mechanics, then played the two-round-game. The audience broke their brains imagining Sonic as a shooter game, as the sense of the exercise 1 was to pick the game and replace its core mechanic with the suggested one. Exercise 2 was building a completely new concept of the game from scratch based on certain set of mechanics. One of the teams came up with an idea of some guy Bob, who got fired and was running from one bar to another mixing drinks, which influenced his size and appearance.

For the whole whirling hour Room 8 team have been refreshing their existing knowledge of game design and charging themselves with ideas for future projects. Who knows, what else creativity can produce within a limited time frame?

Everything we experienced can’t be explained in words, but we tried ;)