The Room 8 Studio houses a talented animation team experienced in 3D (CAT, BIPED, BOUNCE), Flash, After Effects and Spine. We offer top-notch in-game and cinematic animation services that will breathe life into your characters.

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Room 8 Studio experts in 3D modelling can create all kinds of stylized artworks for PC, consoles, mobile and VR projects, including modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, animations and VFX to realize customer ideas and vision.

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Room 8 Studio team provides high-quality photoreal assets for customer projects in every discipline: photoreal characters, authentic vehicles, highly detailed environment assets and props. We are constantly striving to improve our abilities in an effort to raise the bar - our mission is to deliver the most ground-breaking artwork even for usual photoreal assets of the games.

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Thanks to our customized approach we share your artistic vision and direction. Our team will help you to come up with eye-catching ideas for your new game. We are eager to help you from the early stages of development of your ideas, and together we will put them into action.

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The Room 8 Studio is a high-quality 2D art provider with a healthy track record. Our reputation for creating artwork for leading companies in all major game categories is something we pride ourselves on. Our products are frequently featured on the AppStore, with chart-topping games, like a #1 music game in 124 countries. We also create puzzle games and arcade games for both iOS and Android.

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Astapkovich Dmitry, Senior Producer, Mail.ru mail.jpg

"These guys saved me. I mean they actually did it - deadline was almost passed, when I asked to help with vehicle production. Four men started working in no time. Extra hours two weeks in row, iterations on daily basis, almost realtime response to the feedback. From the first hour to the final submission we worked together as a team. Would I recommend this studio? Sure! No doubts they are one of the best on the market."

Astapkovich Dmitry, Senior Producer, Mail.ru
Ravi Giriputra, Sr. Outsourcing Producer, Storm 8 storm8.png

"Room 8 is wonderful to work with, very focused & high quality driven. Your friendliness communication & responsiveness simplify complex projects. Room 8 is a go-to art service provider."

Ravi Giriputra, Sr. Outsourcing Producer, Storm 8
Wolfgang Graebner, Producer at Outplay out.jpg

"Room8 was able to step in and start producing high quality art assets for us on short notice. Their team has a great attitude - very easy to communicate with, and always fast to respond. We look forward to continuing this positive working relationship into the future!"

Wolfgang Graebner, Producer at Outplay
Stephen Simmons, Art Director, Stick Sports ./stick sports logo 630x630 (2).png

"Room 8' have provided Art Outsource support on a number of projects for us, and I have always found the quality of work to be high. Their quick understanding of the briefs and art style, and ability to develop it in an appropriate way is invaluable when trying to meet tight deadlines. The communication is excellent, they are very personable, accommodating, easy to work with, and they seem to take real pride in their work. I would certainly recommend 'Room 8' as an Art Outsource partner - we'll be using them again!"

Stephen Simmons, Art Director, Stick Sports
Hannah Liu, Outsourcing Producer, Storm 8 storm8.png

"Room8 is exactly what any game company would want as a partner. The team is simply talented and a well-oiled machine. They take projects in stride with little to no instructions, which helps the whole pipeline run that much more efficiently! They iterate quickly, deliver on short timelines, and quality stays top-notch! If you're looking for the right partner that values your project as much as you do, Room8 is the one! "

Hannah Liu, Outsourcing Producer, Storm 8
Arthur Ostapenko CEO, Avalon Alliance AvalonAlliance.jpg

"Working with outsourcers gives us ability to optimize our expenses, after couple of projects Room 8 Studio Art Division became our longstanding partner first of all because of the outstanding skills and ability to deliver maximum result in the minimum instant of time.They don’t just create art and meet deadlines they project own experience in game design into each individual case for most efficient result."

Arthur Ostapenko CEO, Avalon Alliance
Ruslan Didenko CEO, Vostok Games ./vostokGames.jpg

"One of the most important task for every outsourcer is to transit emotional experience and correct visual to users. Working with Room 8 Studio Art Division allowed us to increase capacity and produce more content in the same amount of time that gives us ability to roll out new features faster and make our users happy, and that is a top priority for us."

Ruslan Didenko CEO, Vostok Games
Ryu Kawai, Creative Director/ Producer, NPNF npnf.png

"I am proud of what we have accomplished as far as art style and quality and I believe they deserve some attention. Thanks all for the hard work, and I look forward to our next project together, hopefully in near future. :)"

Ryu Kawai, Creative Director/ Producer, NPNF
Craig Derrick, Co-Founder and CCO, Fifth Journey 5th_journey_3.png

"Imagine you’re in this situation: you’re pitching three game concepts within three unique genres in three varied art styles to three different clients and you have less than three weeks to get it done. That’s the situation we found ourselves in and the only way we could have made it happen was to work with Room 8. Maria and the team accepted the challenge, understood the vision immediately, and delivered high-quality work over and over again. We can’t wait to work with them again!"

Craig Derrick, Co-Founder and CCO, Fifth Journey


Here are some of the companies that we've worked with.